Celebrity grandmother names

12 Traditional (and Not-So-Traditional) Names Celeb Kids Call Their Grandparents

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Celebrity grandmother names

Celebrity grandmother names

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Some of these celebrity grandparent names are a little out there. Kris Jenner, Susan Sarandon, Tom Hanks, and other celebrities that age have adopted creative, trendy callings for their grandparent names. According to this article on cool names for celebrity grandparents, many celebrity grandmothers have adopted special grandmother names that are a bit unique.

  • From the cringe worthy things that they repeat from the other kids at school to the names that they give to us, grandkids are hilarious! But, I thought that it might be fun to examine some of the other options. After all, this is a name that we will hear over and over again.

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Celebrity grandmother names

Celebrity grandmother names

Celebrity grandmother names

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See which celebrities are redefining the grandmother role

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Wondering what your grandkids will call you? Here are hundreds of our favorite grandparent names from the traditional to the trendy. See which celebrities are redefining the grandmother role swore she'd never be one of those grandmothers who constantly gush about their grandchildren. Sure, your grandma is sweet and all, but is she Kris Jenner or Goldie Hawn cool? Our favorite celebrity grandmas have done it all, from winning. Becoming a grandparent is one of life's most joyous milestones, whereas being 10 Unique Names Kiddos Call Their Celebrity Grandparents. Some of Hollywood's most sprightly actors and actresses refuse to be associated with the negatively connoted “Grandma” or "Grandpa". Here, ten celebrity. From Oma and Opa to Nana and Papa, there's a wide variety of fun and unique names for grandma and grandpa that your kids will love!. In its article Celebrity Grandparent Names, inoxapps.com outlines an interesting list of what the rich and famous grands come to when. Celebrity grandmother names

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Celebrity grandmother names

Celebrity grandmother names


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